• I have a 4 year background with the Five Guys corporate franchise structure, so I know a thing or two about quick-service burgers and fries.

    In fact, I wrote a book…!

    five guys kindle ebook

    Check it out, it’s a pretty decent read. Though, it hasn’t done well in the ‘reviews’ department, but people can be rather finicky about their recipe books.

    This was my first Kindle publication, so I wanted to write a book about something I knew well, and I know burgers and fries better than most!

    If you’re looking for a more Paleo friendly option, then simply order the burgers without the buns, and perhaps skip the fries and bring some veggies with you in a small plastic baggie. Trust me, I’ve seen it all… including some guests who would bring in their own gluten free buns for us to use with their order. Talk about high maintenance, huh, but we were only too happy to accommodate!

    Wanna learn the absolute fastest way to chill your bottled beverages? Read this Spin Chill Review and see what everybody is talking about.

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    • Cankle says:

      Welcome to my site. I’ve dedicated this online tome to my experience with Five Guys and their wonderfully fresh food selections. Hope you enjoy and find everything you need right here…

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