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    Navigating the Five Guys burgers and fries menu prices so you don’t have to take out a small personal loan to eat there…

    The other day I overheard a patron complaining about just how expensive he/she thought the Five guys menu had gotten, making some off-handed comment about how all the prices had recently gone up. Yes, Five Guys will raise their prices a couple times a year, but not all the items will increase, and the increases are usually marginal.

    First, let me say this… There is no $1 menu at Five Guys, and there never will be. All the food served at this franchise is prepared fresh daily, and all the ingredients are as fresh as they can possibly be when they are delivered and prepared. In other words, there are no freezers on the premises, so everything must be fresh and ready to be served immediately. Can you say that about your local Micky Dees?! I didn’t think so…!

    Now, how much do you think it would be worth for you to walk into a quick-casual burger joint, order your meal, and then be eating that meal within a 7-minute time-frame? Do you think you could produce that quality in the same amount of time for the same amount of money? Let me save you the head-scratching and pondering… NO, you couldn’t!

    It’s important to note that anybody can make a Five Guys burger and fries in the comfort of their own home. There is nothing special about how they cook their food. In fact, it’s quite simple, but the value lies in the ingredients, and you won’t find fresher ingredients anywhere else, I can assure you. You may find places that offer stuff that is as fresh, but not fresher, does that make sense?

    Now, onto the prices. The following 5 guys burgers and fries menu prices are current as of the publishing of this article, which is February 2012, in fact it’s right around Valentine’s day, but don’t fret as there aren’t any Five Guys coupons or promotions to take advantage of.

    Five Guys burgers and fries menu and prices:

    REGULAR BURGERS (two patties)
    Hamburger – $5.19
    Cheeseburger – 5.79
    Bacon Burger – 5.99
    Bacon Cheeseburger – 6.59

    LITTLE BURGERS (one patty)
    Little hamburger – 3.69
    Little cheeseburger – 4.29
    Little bacon burger – 4.49
    Little bacon cheeseburger – 5.09

    Regular fries – 2.89
    Large fries – 4.99
    Five Guys Cajun fries – 2.89/4.99

    Five Guys veggie sandwich – 2.69
    Cheese veggie sandwich – 3.29
    Grilled cheese sandwich – 3.29

    Regular fountain drink – 2.09
    Large fountain drink – 2.29
    Bottled water – 2.09

    That’s it, that’s all there is to the menu. Now, I’m not gonna say this place is cheap, or even affordable for large families, but there are strategies that you can implement in order to save some scratch with your future dining visits.

    First, bring your own drinks. If you pay $2.09 for bottled water, then you deserve to have your money taken from you in so many fashions, that I can’t even begin to describe how silly you are. You can probably buy a case of bottled water at Wal-mart for less than $4…!

    Next, do you REALLY need the regular burgers, when the little burgers are nearly equivalent to a Quarter Pounder? The only difference is that you’ll get one patty instead of two, and you’ll even save some unwanted caloric intake in the process.

    Next, a regular fry will feed two people and a large fry will feed up to four, so not everybody in the family needs their own order of Five Guys fries. Use a bit of common sense, and you can feed a family of four for less than $20. Don’t let the 5 Guys burgers and fries menu with prices intimidate you, and you will be well on your way to enjoying a delicious and fresh meal that you didn’t have to prepare yourself.

    And, that beats the hell out of any dollar menu I can think of… Enjoy!

    View the Five Guys burgers and fries menu without prices right here

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    2 Comments to "Navigating the Five Guys burgers and fries menu prices so you don’t have to take out a small personal loan"

    • Jomama says:

      All these “justification” articles are always comparing their prices and quality to McDonalds. Ok here’s your comparison 5 guys “little” cheeseburger plus small fry plus small drink comes out to $10.53 wow expensive. Now… In and out right across the street (you gonna argue their quality isn’t good? Didn’t think so) combo #2 cheese burger with fries and drink.. Drum roll $6.10!!! This review basically told you to offset the price to bring your own drinks haha how lame can you get. Forget 5guys people and just go to in and out

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