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    Five Guys Burgers And Fries Menu

    Navigating the Five Guys burgers and fries menu for the best possible quick-casual dining experience: The Five Guys menu offers fast-casual diners some incredible deals, at least for those who know where to look and how to dissect the options.

    At first glance, the 5 Guys menu is simplicity in its purest form; there is no clutter on the menu, just the basics, and the basics are burgers, fries, hot dogs and fountain drinks. Of course, there are grilled cheese sandwiches for the kiddies, and veggie sandwiches for those looking for something that resembles vegetarian fare.

    The grilled cheese sammiches can be made with any of the toppings one would put on the burgers and dogs, while the veggie sammiches are made by using any of those same toppings which are then grilled and served on a burger bun. Let’s get something perfectly clear; if you are not a child, then you have no business ordering a grilled cheese sandwich, and if you are looking for vegetarian fare, then you have no business dining in a Five Guys location. It’s that simple.

    It’s also important to note that instead of butter, the grilled cheeses are made by spreading mayo on the inner side of a hamburger bun, then flipped upside down on the flat grill. The cheese is placed on the buns and usually is served without being melted all that much. A grilled veggie is cooked on the same grill that the buns are toasted on, so there is no worry of the toppings swimming in the same grease that comes off the burgers and bacon. Of course, it’s important to note that the grilled onions and mushrooms that are used as toppings actually do swim in the burger grease, so keep that in mind as you order.

    Alright, enough about stuff on the 5 guys burgers and fries menu that most people don’t care about. I know the staff hates to make these monstrosities, so that’s good enough for me. So, onto the burgers. The burgers at Five Guys are made using the freshest possible, hand-formed, 80/20 ground beef that is available. It is hand rolled each and every day by the dedicated staff. So, the next time you want to know why a selection from the 5 Guys burgers menu is a bit on the pricey side, keep in mind that you are getting the best possible product. There are no freezers on the premises of any of the franchise locations, so nothing is ever… frozen

    A ‘regular’ burger is made with two patties, a ‘little’ burger is made with one patty, and the patties weigh in at 3.5 ounces, give or take an ounce. They can be made with bacon or cheese, and then served with a plethora of FRESH toppings; ketchup, mustard, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles, raw onions, relish, green peppers, jalapeno peppers, Frank’s hot sauce, A-1 steak sauce, and Cattlemen’s BBQ sauce. You can also order salt/pepper if you’d like, but why do that when you can just add some from the packets that are available at the service counter? That way, you can control the portions. I know I prefer to be the one adding the salt and the pepper to my meals anyway…

    With all those toppings available, it’s no wonder that there are over 250,000 possible combinations for diners to cram down their pie-holes. There are no ‘theme burgers’ to speak of, but if you order an ‘all the way’ burger, then it will come with ketchup, mustard, grilled onions and shrooms, mayo, lettuce, pickle and two tomatoes. They had to come up with something to battle those who would order damn near everything on the menu, or those who would simply say ‘give me everything.’

    The Five Guys fries are made using only Russet potatoes from Idaho or Washington, and only from the northern part of those states. Russet Potatoes from the north grow a special way, when compared to those from southern climates… something about the growth slowing down during the cool night hours, or something to that effect. I can’t remember exactly, but Jerry Murrell put A LOT of time into selecting the ingredients that go into the food, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best. Heck, I think the guy sampled over 15 kinds of mayo before settling on Hellmann’s, though he could have saved a lot of time by just asking somebody who loves mayo!

    The fries are also cut by hand EVERY day, and then cooked using only 100% peanut oil. Before you start to worry about possible peanut allergies, it’s important to note that most restaurants will only use highly refined peanut oil, so that all the proteins that cause allergic reactions have been removed. This is definitely true with Five Guys. Of course, there are also free peanuts available for munching, as you wait for your order, so anybody with an allergy should take note. Also, nothing else touches the oil, so Vegans can rest assured that their fries haven’t been bathing with other non-Vegan friendly cuisine.

    There are no milkshakes at any Five Guy locations, and that is true for two reasons; firstly, there are no freezers on the premises, so where would they store the ice cream?; secondly, since only the best ingredients are used, then they would only use ice cream for the shakes, and that would make for a $10 beverage. There are fountain drinks available though, and plenty of them to choose from. The refills are always free, and two sizes are available.

    The hot dogs on the Five Guys and fries menu are made with Hebrew National, 100% beef, kosher dogs, and they are split down the middle and cooked flat on the grill. Truly, the dogs on the 5 Guys burgers menu are just as good as the burgers, and that is the truth. The same toppings are available for the dogs that are available for the burgers.

    That’s it, that’s the menu. There are no salads on it, no chicken sandwiches, pizza slices, nachos, soups, etc. They pride themselves in doing just a few things, but doing them extremely well. Now that you know what’s on the menu, you should now know the best way to order, so that you can save some money, because the Five Guys burgers menu is a lot of things, but it ain’t cheap! Everything is priced a la carte, and there are no meal-deals or $dollar menus to choose from.

    I like to give a sample order as if I were feeding a family of four, then you can adjust it accordingly… mom, dad, and two children. First, the kids would probably enjoy a grilled cheese or a hot dog, and both are cheaper than the ‘little’ burgers. If they do want a burger, then the little burger is more than enough to sate their hunger. Even the adults can be satisfied with the one-patty burgers, so staying away from the two-patty ‘regulars’ will save you a lot of scratch.

    A regular fry will feed two people, while a large fry will feed up to four. A family with two small kids can get away with ordering a regular fry, and certainly a large would be enough for a hungrier bunch. You’ll be surprised how far these fries will go. Also, there is malt vinegar to help bring out the flavor of the fries.

    Now, onto the drinks; don’t order your drinks at a Five Guys’ location, it’s that simple. Restaurants make all their money by marking up the margins on the beverages, and then gouging the customer for as much as they think they can get away with, and Five Guys is no different. BYOB (bring your own beverages), you’ll thank me later and nobody will say anything to you. Think about it as if you were gonna try to sneak drinks into a movie theater, without worrying about being caught. Also, think about it as if you were stuck in an airport, where they know they can hike up the prices of all the merchandise because you have nowhere else to go. Don’t let them play that game with you, and bring your own drinks… you’ll save a small fortune.

    So, let’s assume that we have a hot dog, a grilled cheese sandwich, two little cheeseburgers, a regular fry, and no drinks… You just served a family of four with less than a $20 bill. Let all the other suckers pay top dollar for stuff they don’t need, while you enjoy basically the same dining experience for much less money. Again, you’ll thank me later!

    The food in each location should be the same, whether you visit a D.C. restaurant or the Five Guys Baton Rouge joint. Enjoy! I love the food on the Five Guys burgers and fries menu, but I also love saving money. The Five Guys menu is chock-full of tasty deals, but like I said… you just have to know where to look or have somebody to help guide your journey…

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    • peter says:

      just came back from my first and last stop at 5 guys burgers. burger was nothing to brag about, no real beef taste to it. the bun was not toasted , this thing was very disappointing. the French fries were worse. undercooked and over rated.ever been to Portland ore? check out the fries at seaworld,knock your socks off.on a 10 scale I would rate it a 2. made me think of very bad long haul flight. your hype is just that .

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