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    Homemade au gratin potatoes recipe from scratch

    I try not to eat too many potatoes, or any other starchy carbohydrates for that matter, but every now and again I start jonesing for something along the lines of au gratin potatoes.

    They are a welcome change to other potato options, like Five Guys fries or Five Guys Cajun fries, which I seem to eat a lot more often than I care to admit. Hazards of the profession, I suppose…

    Now, I have been putting off making an au gratin potatoes recipe for years, mainly because I just didn’t trust myself to accomplish the task that I saw made on TV way back when. It seemed so simple, but it also seemed like something I would just screw up in a major way.

    Well, I was right and I was wrong…

    The first recipe I made called for adding eggs, heavy cream and various spices. Simple enough, I guess. Almost too simple. I tend to take a recipe and try to ‘make it my own,’ so I started adding things; a dash of Sriracha sauce here, a tsp of horseradish there, etc.

    I also took the time to soak the starches out of the potatoes, but not the time to thoroughly dry the potatoes. A salad spinner would have come in handy, but I skipped the step out of sheer laziness.

    Well, I also cut the potatoes too thickly, and the sauce broke and curdled, probably because of the acidity of the added ingredients and the water from the pre-soak.

    It was an initial disaster. So, I ran the mixture through a colander and then baked them again, uncovered, for twenty minutes, then topped with some cheese. This time they came out crispier and tasted like they were supposed to taste.


    I can be such a pig-headed idiot on occasion.

    Here is the recipe I’ll be making to perfection from here on out. It’s so simple a 3-year old could make it, and actually seeing the video helps me to keep things in perspective and stay focused on the task at hand.

    Easy au gratin potatoes

    This au gratin potatoes recipe couldn’t be any simpler! Now, my favorite homemade au gratin potatoes recipe from scratch will be a snap, and there will be no more straying from the script on this one…!

    Ingredients for this au gratin potato recipe: russett potatoes, grated cheese, half & half, salt and pepper to taste, bread crumbs and melted butter

    Optional ingredients: dry mustard powder, garlic, more exotic spices than just salt and pepper


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