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    Five Guys University

    5 Guys University is a centrally located training center designed to help train new employees, and help experienced employees to stay abreast of any new changes or additions to the company workflow.

    In other words, if you don’t work for Five Guys, then this probably won’t interest you in the slightest.

    Here’s a blurb from the Five Guys University page:

    […Welcome to FIVE GUYS University!
    Check back here regularly to see the latest offerings from FIVE GUYS University.

    To begin using the FIVE GUYS Learning Management System click on the button on the upper right.

    Do you have comments or course suggestions? Please use the form to the right. THANKS!

    Classes Available Now!
    Customer Service – 1 Hour *NEW*

    Grill Side Chat with Jerry Murrell – 1 Hour

    Food Preparation – 3 Hours

    Dressing – 1 Hour

    Cooking Fries – 30 Minutes

    Cooking Burgers – 30 Minutes

    Other Sandwiches – 30 Minutes

    Quality Control – 30 Minutes…]
    credit: http://www.fiveguysuniversity.com/university/default.aspx

    You’ll notice some of the training modules and their run-times. Those are LMS videos, which stands for Learning Management System. This is how Five Guys burgers and fries corporate entity is able to educate all the franchises across the globe, all the while maintaining the standards and practices they set in place since they opened way back in 1986!

    It’s a pretty efficient system and the videos themselves are interactive, having short quizzes after most of the modules. All in all, very effective strategy for introducing training and new changes to the employees.

    This is not to be confused with Hamburger University, which is the McDonald’s training facility… 5 Guys University!

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    2 Comments to "What is the Five Guys University?"

    • musabbir says:

      I visit five guys on Pembina on Monday, an I order large fries and the cashier was Abdul. he was really nice and he gave me a extra fries. I would love to visit again, and also other team members were wonderful to me.

      • Cankle says:

        Abdul was promptly fired by Matt Murrell (AKA the biggest knob on the planet) for giving away extra fries.

        In a statement released by the Murrell brothers it reads, “We are sad to lose such a friendly and uplifting employee as Abdul, but we have to stand by our brother and son Matt Murrell’s decision even though we all know him to be a supreme douchebag. Thank you for your support and we sincerely hope you’ll continue to spend money on our overpriced product…”

        Life goes on…

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